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Areca Palm

Areca Palm

Instead of simply adding another piece of furniture to cover that empty corner by the wall, why not go for this exotic looking plant that can grow anywhere between 3 feet- 8 feet in height?


Different Varieties: Parlor Palm,Kentia Palm, Sentry Palm,Lady Palm, European Fan, Sago Palm

  • Maintenance of plant :

    You would need to follow a few simple tips to care for the plant. Make sure you neither under water or over water it and that there are no bursts of dry air.

    Since palms thrive in low- light conditions ,make sure to place the plant under a window or in partial shade.

    You would need to go for a rich, acidic soil that drains well. Mix the soil up with a measure of builder’s sand to avoid the soil from becoming too heavy or clay like.

    Ensure that the plant does not sit water as root rot sets in easily. Also ensure that the water is chemical free else the leaves will develop freckle like spots.



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