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Ferns are counted among one of the oldest species of plants on earth, dating back to prehistoric times. Ferns belong to a group of vascular seeds, that bear neither flowers nor seeds.With alush green canopy of leaves, remove chemical pollutants from the atmosphere and heavy metals especially arsenic, from the soil.


Different Varieties: Aglaonema Calypso, Aglaonema ‘Cecilia’, Aglaonema Emerald    Beauty, Aglaonema ‘Golden Bay, Aglaonema Maria, Aglaonema Queen Juliana.


Care Instructions For Growing Ferns Indoors

  • Maintenance of plant :

    You would need to grow them in plastic pots instead of clay ones as they retain moisture better. Keep the plant away from vents and fans to prevent it from drying out. Add well loosened moss around the base of the plant to hold moisture in the dirt and prune them once in a while as well.

    As it flourishes in low light conditions, place the plant under a north or east facing window.

    Needs to be moist and well drained. Pick a soil mix with a high organic content like a good peat moss mix.

    Water regularly, but watch for the warning signs; too much watering leaves the fronds yellow; too little and the fronds end up wilting.