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Money Plant

Money Plant

If only plants bore money as gifts on their leaves!


But since they do not, why not go for a plant  where you can stretch your imagination a bit and visualize that the the round, plump, flat leaves actually look like coins! It doesn’t harm the cause, that the plant is  attractively leafy, requires little care and efficiently removes indoor pollutants like formaldehyde and benzene.


Of course, the commonly held belief that while the plant thrives in your house, you will run neither short of money or friends definitely argues in its favour as well!


Different Varieties of Money Plant: Chinese money plant, Braided money tree plant, Silver dollar, Lunaria money plant, pilea.

  • Maintenance of plant :

    Place the plant away from drafts of wind since it can lead to leaf loss.  Since it thrives in humidity, you could consider placing it in a bright, steamy bathroom.

    Try to avoid direct sunlight, since the leaves can get scorched. Instead go for low light .

    Since root rot sets in easily, ensure that you pick a sandy, peat moss based soil that also allows for good drainage of water.

    Whichever kind of environment you live in, you don’t need to water this plant more than once a week



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