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Orchid (Cypripedioideae)

Orchid (Cypripedioideae)

If you thought you would need to trek through exotic foreign locales or woods to view an orchid, then you haven’t met our showcased houseplant, Ladies Slipper Orchid! The plant by itself, has only 1 set of 2 leaves from which a single flower stalk grows out; the entire appearance being that of a ladies slipper, hence the name!


Different Varieties: Pink lady slipper, Yellow lady slipper, Showy lady’s slipper,White lady’s slipper

  • Maintenance of plant :

    Moderate to ensure the soil is well aerated and moist and to feed the plant is fed with a diluted & balanced fertiliser once or twice between the spring and summer months.


    Avoid exposure from both direct sunlight and direct sunlight.


    Soil needs to be well aerated


    Water only with distilled water or rainwater to avoid any chemicals from seeping through.