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Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)

A trailing leafy vine that adds aesthetic value to your home, Pothos is a great indoor houseplant to have! Its leaves are heart-shaped bright green and waxy in texture and vary in colours ranging from pale green, white or yellow.


They are also known as Devils’ Ivy and can be easily grown indoors. They are excellent in purifying the air in your home and take in carbon dioxide even while you sleep. Pothos does not require too much maintenance and can be used to adorn office spaces as well as homes.


Varieties of Pothos plants: There are namely three types of Pothos plants- Golden Pothos, Marble Queen and Jade Green. There isn’t much difference in these varieties, except for the size and colour of their leaves.

  • Maintenance of plant :

    They can thrive from low to moderate light conditions and are absolutely easy to take care of.


    Overwatering may result in rotting of the roots. Their soil needs to be moist but not soggy.


    They can survive in almost all weather conditions; however, being tropical plants humid weather works best for them.



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