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String of Pearl Plants (Senecio Rowleyanus)

String of Pearl Plants (Senecio Rowleyanus)

You could go for a variety of plants to make your interiors look bright and beautiful. One of them is the String of Pearls Plant.


These succulent plants are a great indoor collection and are one of the easiest to grow in any weather condition. They belong to the family of Senecios that are stringed beady plants, great for indoors.


They do really well as a houseplant because they tolerate and thrive in dry indoor air spaces.


In other words, it continues to render a subtle and beautiful ambience to our homes with its flowing tresses of green strings.

  • Maintenance of plant :

    They need bright indirect or direct light, however, you need to take care that you do not place them near a glass door or window. It does not need heat throughout the day.


    They do not require too much water as the roots will rot. In summers water them every fortnight and during winters once a month.


    They like to have warm conditions in summers and cooler ones in winter. It is not difficult to grow them due to this reason.